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Dog Agnes



Information fo new owner of our puppy!

We sell puppies at the age of 7 weeks,repeatedly about deworming, vet checked, each puppy has a separate vet conclusion. All our puppys have Finnish Kennel Club registration! The puppy is given to the new owners already (Export Pedigree) + EUpassport and  microchip. At any time we are ready to advise the owners of our puppies on any matters relating to border terrier and of course a gift from a breeder "puppy package".   

If your pet need  trimming, please contact us!

Our puppies are sold as pets, as a friend of the family! We do not promise anyone that dogs grow out of the winner in agility, show or dog will be super hunter. All merits dogs, depend on the result of cooperation between the owner and his pet.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to buy a puppy from us, as a friend of the family!



Finnish Kennel Club has awarded the Vuolasvirta Prize on June 14.2018

Hakala Agnessa, owner of the Dog Agnes kennel

Very worthy breeding work with breed border terrier!

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Gsm. +358 40 509 7988


The price of the puppy includes VAT 24%

Seuraava pentue suunnitteilla Kesällä 2022

Следующая вязка планируется Летом 2022

The following litter are planned in Summer 2022



"TYYNE"on astutettu/повязана/has been mated 9.05.2022

"PENNI"on astutettu/повязана/has been mated 11.05.2022

Nyt vain peukut pystyyn, että kaikki sujuu hyvin!

Nartut tiineydestä infotaan noin kuukauden päästä.

The bitch's of pregnancy we give info about a month's time.